Thursday, 21 November 2013

Christmas mail

Happy Thursday everyone, i hope your week is going well. My daughter and i seem to be having a week full of play dates which is lovely...tomorrow i really must catch up on all those jobs!

The other night i was tinkering away in the craft room, and came up with this!

It was such a special time with my kids, writing to Father Christmas, so magical that i couldn't wait any longer to scrap it! no sketches or challenges used, just me , myself and my ideas.

Hopefully Father Christmas will have received his letter by now and will bring a nice toy on Christmas eve :o)

I  really must write my Christmas list now, to include things like a hand held hoover for the car, a veg steamer for the kitchen, a mini sewing machine for my layouts or a new mixer for baking...all highly exciting...but would make my day lol! oh, plus the spa, Ferrari, cruise round the world...!

what do you want for Christmas?!!


  1. What a lovely page to capture such a special day - I wish I could have kept my kids' letters to Father Christmas, but of course we had to post them. There used to be some lovely person at Royal Mail who would write back, wonder if they still do? That was nearly thirty years ago ... sigh
    For Christmas this year, I would love some Gelatos or a Gelli plate to play with - I dropped lots of hints and am thinking of putting a little wish list on my blog (with links to suppliers) and casually mentioning it to sons and husband! :o)

  2. Thanks Annie, yes i wanted to stick the letters on the wall...took a photo instead! Gelli plate sounds cool :o) links to suppliers is a very good idea! i may have to borrow that one!


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