Monday, 24 March 2014

i'm still here!

Well, I cannot believe it has been 4 months since i lasted posted , eek, where has the time gone? Christmas has been and gone and now its almost Easter. ...I did get that sewing machine for Christmas, yippi, so I hope to be posting some of my sewing makes on here soon.

I hope you are all well. I have had what seems like continual fact I am wrapped up on the sofa with it again now! Never mind, I am enjoying Midsomer Murders on play back and planning my next knitting project!

Anyway, I have been continuing some basic scrap booking . I put together an album for my Mum and Dad, of their recent trip caravanning around Spain. They started at Santander and went down to Cadiz then back up to Bilbao...meandering around on the way! They visited Caceres, Seville, Malaga, Cordoba, to name a few places!

It took me quite a while to scrap the whole trip, as the trip was 7 weeks long, and many photos were taken! I included emails, maps, postcards, and a space at the back for leaflets and extra photos they particularly loved and wanted to include. I tried to keep the colour scheme and patterning coordinated through out the album, to show it was all of the same trip. bright and sunny!! My mum and dad had a fantastic time away, and it was the first of what hopes to be many travelling adventures for them. I wanted the album to celebrate their first trip. 

Well, at home we've been continuing our geocaching with the kids. Now that the weather is better and the storms seem long gone, we are able to get out more. I cannot imagine a child hood that is not spent mainly outdoors, so we are out as much as we can :-) . This picture was taken after our streak of 40 days caching in a is very addictive. The kids love it!  Out latest favourite finds include a cache in a fake snail shell, one in a bolt , and one in a piece of false grass! The hides always keep you on your toes these days, and the challenge of a treasure hunt never fails to excite the kids. 

My daughters favourite cache so far was on a walk called "The Great Sausage Hunt"!, that we did during the holidays. 

See if you want to give it a go...its FREE!!!

National Trust gardens also continue to amuse the kids too, with trails, letterbox hunts, teddy bears picnics and forest parks. We have never yet actually been inside a property, not had time! We are trying to continue the "50 things" challenge too... my son having completed 25 so far, and my daughter 15.

This was some beautiful cyclamen in the half term hols in Devon.

Well, after Easter we are off to the Scilly Isles!  Yippi Yippi Yippi!. They look amazing, and we've always wanted to go... have any of you been there? The Gig racing, pancakes on the beach, sea, moorland, pony rides,  island hopping, bronze age stone sites, bird hides...endless fun. We especially want to go to St. Agnes. That is my dream. A well deserved holiday to blow away the winter cobwebs. What hols have you planned for this year?


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  1. Glad to see youre back.........The scrapbook looks lovely and a great way to remember their trip.


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