Saturday, 13 December 2014

week six

A really lovely week this week, packed jam full with Christmas preparations and get togethers. The kids are excited with all the extra goings on and amount of chocolate they're allowed to eat...usually only reserved for Fridays!

The local toddler group had its usual play dough , painting, dolls, kitchen,  train set, trikes, and this week, as the last few weeks, Christmas crafts have come out too :-) it's always lovely to do a new twist to a Christmas craft...this being my 6th Christmas with children! 
This week we did stars for the Christmas tree, but with baby Jesus in the middle on a bed of straw. I particularly love his little face and Florence's name written on the back! A lovely combination of letters and shapes.

At this age she can get really involved in the craft rather than just sitting on my lap and having a bit of a dabble whilst I make the thing! I have become quite accomplished at craft these past few years (giggle giggle)!

I've spent many hours trawling the net for the best ways to display the children's art work and come to the conclusion that I will photograph it all and put them together in a photo album one day. I'm sure as they get older their masterpieces will become less frequent so I really want to make the most of the ones they do now.

This week too , my son Finley has been in his questioning mode. Post "class nativity" with the inevitable stage set mishaps, children crying and lines forgotten; how cute are they?! It has been, "how old are you when you go to heaven?", "can you come back again?", "what happens when you die in heaven?" , "are there play parks in heaven?" , right through to ..."do babies like stories?", "how do you know which story they like if they cant talk?", " Why are all mummies aged 21?!"...  Don't you just love the enquiring mind of a 5 yr old?!

My ambition sometimes is to home school, I would just love to home school, hubby is not so convinced! This week my daughter has been learning phonics, we've done "S, A, T, P, I, & N". I love how keen kids are to learn. She just wants to be like her big brother. For the first time we practised blending and so she read "Sat" , "Pat" and "In". very chuffed little girl! Finley counted out loud up to 100 too this week. At 5 I thought this is pretty easy for him, but I've not actually heard him do it before, I don't think I have anyway! So maybe he's only just able to do it? who knows! ...I must right down their milestones more often!

Final photo: Lantern parade. This week was the first time we've been to one. Mental note: try making some at home!

Well, that's just some of my week. 
Are you a stay at home mum? If so I would love to hear from you and all your tips for making the most of your last year before school begins.

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