Saturday, 19 October 2013

101 Uses for innocent big knit hats

Well, not quite 101 uses, but there are a few I can think of off the top of my head! I am looking forward to purchasing some hats to help raise money; wouldn't it be so funny to see your knitted hats at your local supermarket...not much chance of that I suppose!

At Knit & Natter last night we knitted/crocheted some more to send away. We now have 13. Not bad for the first year of participating I think. Whether you've knitted or not, please do buy a hat, you will be raising valuable money for Age UK which is a fantastic charity

So, what can you do with them once you've bought one?

Here's a fun list of ideas!

1. Use them as egg cosys for boiled eggs or easter eggs

2. Stuff them with cotton wool and play skittles with them with the kids.

3. Use as mini dolls hats

4. Fill with chocolates or sweets and put in the children's stockings at Christmas.

5. Decorate the top of your mug tree with them

6. Place one on the top of your kitchen roll holder

7. Get matching ones for bathroom shampoo and conditioner bottles

8. Put on the top of kids classroom water bottles

9. Brighten up your washing up liquid bottles with a fruity melon one
10. Buy several and make into a garland for the kids bedrooms

11. Put an "I Love You" message on one and pop the hat on your partners desk.

Have fun with your hats

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