Saturday, 26 October 2013

If i could have just one room meme

I've been tagged by the lovely Gina at Cold Tea & Smelly Nappies in her meme

"If I could have just one room"...Cor, this got me thinking! One room all to myself?! No kids? Wow, anything , even if its not a kid friendly place...?!

Well I would defiantly have to go for shabby chic lounge. A very impractical, white, cream, splash of purple, pretty place..... to sit, knit, read and slouch :o) Can I go there now please?!

i really love this room, except i'd paint the floor

It would have to have a chaise longue, fresh scented flowers, a sunny gorgeous sea view ,candlesticks and lots of lovely knick-nak ornaments :o)

I can feel myself relaxing already! What kind of room would you have?


  1. This is a super lounge area...all that white is just so serene!!!! It probably wouldn't go down well with pets and children, as it would be brown very soon!!!! LOL
    Thanks for the visit to my blog and your lovely comment! I truly appreciate it! ;-)

    1. yes, brown seems to be the in colour in our house these days lol! one day ...

  2. That would be a lovely room, definitely not for little ones though! Thank you for joining in :-)


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