Saturday, 5 October 2013

5 creative kids things for autumn half term

Heeeeelp, its half term soon!

Ok, so , i got up this morning and thought hooray! its the weekend. Don't you just love the weekend?! ...No rushing breakfast (what breakfast), no rushing to get dressed, no rushing to walk to school. Bliss, a whole day of chilling with the kids. Time with the kids is so precious now.

Then i thought i'd start planning half term - only 3 weeks to go, yey! What did we do last year for autumn half term? What did i used to do with the kids before the whole school chapter started?

So don't panic when it gets to half term because here are 5 creative things you can do with the kids.

1. Geocaching.

The kids and I love this. Check out the official website. . It tells you more about it and will show you where there are caches local to you.

Basically you find where your local ones are, either on the website or download the app to your mobile phone. Then go out with your mobile phone which will direct you to them using the phones GPS signals. The caches to hunt for are all shapes and sizes, from the size of a finger nail to big lunch box size ones. They are hidden all over the place in towns , countryside , residential areas and holiday locations ...ALL OVER THE WORLD! So you will never be short of a cache to find. The large ones are best for kids as they have toys in to swap. The mini ones are great for adults as they are such a challenge to find.

Its a giant world wide treasure hunt.

 Look over there mummy - we've found the cache!!
Some of the geocaches are really cute for kids like this duck one!

Sneakiest we've seen...drilled into a fallen piece of bark!

smallest cache we've seen

2. Leaf printing pictures/autumn posters

Go and collect some gorgeous autumn coloured leaves and print stick and play with them. last year we made an autumn collage and learnt all about the seasons.

3. Go conker hunting to play conker games - 

This website has some great info about conkers and different games to play. my kids love hunting for conkers and then hiding them round the house for me to find.

4. Apple days 

I have never been to a bad "apple day" ...not yet anyway. We've been to various ones over the years, but i think the best so far was by the National Trust at Killerton, Devon. This year it is on 19/20 October, if you get a chance do go along

We were able to make our own apple juice, do apple throwing games, buy apple and blackberry crumbles & apple sauces, listen to apple stories for the kids, take part in morris dancing, wood turning for the was excellent.

Look out for ones local to you.
Apple art

 Apple throwing games for the kids
Morris dancing

5. Pumpkin carving 

I've not actually done this with the kids yet, but I really want to try some of the kid friendly designs out there. Check out this one of Hello Kitty by pinkblondgittery. My daughter would love it. Plus I've always wanted to try a pumpkin soup or yummy recipe to warm the bones on a damp autumn evening,

What creative ideas have you got for half term?
Have fun

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