Tuesday, 1 October 2013

gorilla fun

*The Great Gorillas Project - for Paignton Zoo's 90th anniversary

This summer we were challenged to
take part in the Gorilla trail around Torbay and Exeter! There are 30 life size Gorillas decorated by local artists to spot, and 20 or so half size ones, decorated by schools, to find too. Artists include Kirstie Allsopp http://kirstieallsopp.co.uk/ from Channel 4's Handmade Britain!

The idea is to raise awareness of and funds for gorilla conservation. All 30 of the gorillas will be auctioned on Wednesday 6th November for charity.

If you spot all 30 life size gorillas before October 13th 2013, you can enter a competition to meet Paignton Zoo's real gorillas :o) more info here:  http://www.greatgorillas.org.uk/

                                                                  montage of our 30 gorilla finds

Well, we finished our trail on Sunday, and the kids have LOVED it! Munchkin no.2 cried on the way home because she wanted to see another one, and i had to tell her she'd seen them all now! We have had hugging, kissing and dancing with the gorillas we have met! (the kids, not me!)

The kids favourite one was "Hanky Panky on Holiday" which is in Torquay near the library. He has a hanky hat, shorts and sandals on! My favourite was probably "Poirot", in Hoopers shop window, Torquay.

It is decorated as a murder scene from one of Agatha Christies books; very clever. Although "Darth Vader" in Harlequin shopping centre; Exeter was very clever too, and there are activities (games/colouring) for the kids to do there too. "Skins" in Exeter was pretty amazing too.


There is also a mystery gorilla, "Lilo", to find. "Lilo" moves about every 2 weeks i think. We managed to spot him when he was in Torquay.  I think he is now in Brixham...?!

Well, we had lots of fun and visited lovely places to see them all. There are 2 weeks left to go, so if you get a chance, do pop out and see a few before they are moved back to the zoo. Its a fantastic art exhibition

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