Tuesday, 8 October 2013

getting ready for christmas

On my new weekly schedule, Tuesday is my day for blogging...can you tell?!!

I've just finished my handful of autumn that i wrote about last week, and here is the result.

The items are now hanging up along our fireplace giving us that warm and cosy autumn feel. My favourite is the pumpkin, the hardest was the conker, the least realistic is probably the filed mouse on the left...my mum thought it was a bat...oops, i think i needed to do lighter coloured ears!

I still haven't braved knitting some oak leaves yet to go with the rest of the items, not sure whether its a bit too ambitious.

I'm starting to think about my Christmas knits now. The kids want me to knit full size stockings for them...eek. I rather fancy knitting a Christmas garland and some snowmen for the fireplace. The latest copy of the knitting magazines have inspired me! I'm a sucker for buying knitting mags I'm afraid!


  1. your autumn knitted collection is excellent - looking forward to see what you come up with for Christmas, A

  2. Hi Minnie Me, Thanks for your comment about the Innocent hat. The deadline for this year is 31st October and hats have to be sent directly to Innocent Drinks http://thebigknit.co.uk/join-in. Im sure they will run it next year as well, Ali

    1. Thanks Ali for the info, I am already knitting away for it :0)


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