Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Big Knit

Good morning! 

So have any of you heard of The Big Knit?  I hadn't until yesterday... I came across it whilst reading someone else's blog.

The Big Knit involves knitting little hats for "innocent smoothies" bottles. The deadline is the end of October. In November and December innocent will top all their bottles with these little hats and sell them :o) 25p from each bottle goes to Age Uk -

Age Uk use the money to help the elderly keep warm and active during the winter months.

Its a great cause. I just wish I had heard about it sooner. Next week at "knit and natter" I'm hoping some of us might knit a few to send off.

You can see above what I have managed to do so far!

There's the wooltermelon one and the doodles bobble hat. The bobble hat was pretty straight forward to knit...the pattern is on the Big Knit website. The wooltermelon one was not as easy as it looks! It was my first try at beading. I don't really think it worked...and I'm not sure why! The beads have fallen into the inside of the hat, so you can hardly see them. Maybe the beads were too big? Maybe I didn't thread them on correctly? A bit of You Tubing tonight I think, to see if I can rectify it :o)

Knit a few yourself or have a go at the knitting game on the website. 

Any beading advice gratefully received


  1. Your hats turned out well. They have been running the Big Knit campaign for quite a few years now, so I'm sure you will be able to do it next year too, Ali

  2. thanks Ali, hoping to make some more tomorrow and then get them in the post asap x


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